For Horology and Specialized Purposes

For Horology and Specialized Purposes

As production comes to a close on the Maus UV, we wanted to take a moment and look back on one of our more specialized Electric Torch designs.

Released in March 2019, the Maus UV was made as a Special Edition for RedBar Group - an international association of watch collectors, manufacturing houses, and enthusiasts in general who gather weekly to discuss a common passion for timepieces.

A UV torch is an essential tool for assessing and authenticating vintage watches at Analog/Shift. The Maus UV is not only the best quality torch in our arsenal, but its size and durability make it perfect for use on the road as well as HQ.
— James Lamdin · Founder, Analog/Shift
A Maus UV Electric Torch charging a Patek Phillippe Nautilus. Photo courtesy  Atom Moore .

A Maus UV Electric Torch charging a Patek Phillippe Nautilus. Photo courtesy Atom Moore.

We have a great fondness for all things analog here at Muyshondt. We’re especially keen on watches of any variety. And so we felt it was a natural fit to bring our common interests together, and create a unique, highly specialized tool, built with horology in mind; something that we ourselves wanted, and that would add something of value to the greater art.

The Muyshondt Maus UV is as much an indispensable tool as the watch that I wear on my wrist. Its construction and attention to detail are a perfect complement to the exacting standards watch enthusiasts appreciate from the machines on their wrists.
— Adam Craniotes · Founder, RedBar Group

Of course, uses for the Maus UV do not start and end with horology alone. Use it to inspect paper currency or scan a campsite for scorpions and other arthropods, ultimately seeing what’s normally invisible to the unaided eye. A Maus UV is a specialized tool for specialized purposes, but in keeping with the Muyshondt Electric Torch design ethos, it is highly adaptable, even in unexpected contexts.

With an elegant casing made from titanium, a sapphire crystal with dual anti-reflective coating, gold plated electrical circuits, enameled engraving, and a fit and finish carefully attended to, the Maus UV’s construction checks boxes familiar to those versed with watches.

Inside there is more than meets the eye. Our Calibre Light Engines - analogous to a watch movement and so named - manage power efficiently, meaning under typical use a battery need only be replaced once every few months.

These highly sophisticated electronics are carefully designed in miniature for the Maus, providing three light intensities with constant brightness throughout the life of the Power Cell, all with a simple, intuitive user interface.


Maus UV

Alas, all good things must come to pass, and so, too, shall it be with the Maus UV.

Through Tuesday, August 13th, we will accept our last orders for this Electric Torch, with production ending soon after.

We are grateful to RedBar for their support and partnership, and doubly honored to have been able to provide a useful tool to each of you who have had a Maus UV enter your service.