At the Edge of Space

Paying a visit to the Final Frontier.

Capable. Elegant. Classic. These are a few of the descriptors of our Aeon Electric Torch.

As part of our longest running design series, the Aeon has been in service across all corners of the globe. It has sailed over and swam in oceans around the world, including the harsh brine of the Dead Sea. It has served in airplane cockpits and preflight checks. It has seen countless people, places, and adventures: scaling tall mountains, and illuminating deep caves. It has endured hot, arid desert days, and cold, bleak winter nights.

When we were prototyping the Aeon, we wanted to perform a test that would push the design to its limits, one that would prove several different factors at once, and let us do so in an exceptionally harsh environment that stretched far beyond the standard of conventional use.

So we launched it to the edge of space.

Tethered by line to a high-altitude balloon, an Aeon was sent unprotected on a one hour fifty-two minute flight to over 20 miles above the Earth's surface. It was exposed to cosmic rays and pressures 1/10th of that at sea level, where it endured withering cold as low as -48C, and experienced violent turbulence and rapid warming on descent. It was returned safely to the Earth, recovered undamaged and fully functional after an unbroken fall from the edge of Space.




Classic, clean, subtly brushed.



Dark, elegant, well-worn.

The Aeon has a direct lineage to our very first design from nearly 15 years ago, and has thus served as a platform to refine many concepts used across our entire range of Electric Torches.

Testing is important, and these experiments are part of our commitment to creating superior products. We take great care in attending to every little detail on our work; such tests give proof to a design when successful, and teach us lessons that allow us to create better when they aren't.

So next time you reach for your Aeon, you can rest assured knowing that it is indeed ready for any adventure – space faring, or otherwise.

– M –

The Muyshondt Aeon enjoying the view at over 100,000 feet above sea level

The Muyshondt Aeon enjoying the view at over 100,000 feet above sea level