Aged to Perfection: Relic

There is a place in Far West Texas where you can find the crumbling, sun-bleached remains of a mining industry long gone. Vacant stone windows stare off into the desert where hulking skeletons of iron and steel have been retired, long resigned to entropy’s tireless march. The durable memories of a time not quite forgotten…

Today our story brings us to Relic, a trademark Muyshondt finish that transforms each torch’s copper casing at a molecular level, creating a gorgeous aged aesthetic that evolves with time and use, constantly revealing new highlights and colors unique to every person. We currently offer two Electric Torches that exhibit this special finish: an Aeon MkIII Relic, and a Beagle MkI Relic.


There is an appeal to goods that get better with age. To the character developed as a direct expression of the life it has seen. Like our leather goods, which develop a rich patina with time and use, Relic is inspired by the past, but ages gracefully into the future.


Time is perhaps the Relic torch’s most essential characteristic. Its copper casing is already an ancient metal. But once crafted with modern methods and finished carefully by hand to bring out a deep brown “copper and rust,” the torch adopts an entirely new character – one pulled from the past, and one for its long life ahead. It will mold to you – where you take it, how you use it. Even the pH of your skin will affect how the torch’s surface changes, and where it will reveal highlights and color taken directly from your travels, and the time spent with it.


There is an undeniable beauty to evidence of a life well-lived. And as our tires roll inexorably towards nightfall ticking away both minutes and miles, after the sun sets on what we came to see and a thousand sunrises and sunsets after we’ve gone, these things, and their stories, remain. The stories of times passed, as told in cobbled stones and rusty sinews in the endless expanse of the Chihuahua Desert.



Muyshondt’s longest running design series with a lineage dating back to 2006, the Aeon is ready for any of your adventures.



Sophisticated, not complicated. Muyshondt’s most advanced electromechanical design, with two beam types in an elegant, monocoque case.