A Tool for Exploration

A Tool for Exploration

There is no higher art than to create beautiful, functional products.

The Beagle is an expression of an idea in physical form, based in science, drawn with emotion, engineered intelligently, built through a mastery of tool and craft, and created with care and purpose.

Our most electromechanically sophisticated Electric Torch, it is named after HMS Beagle - the ship which carried a young Charles Darwin on his first Journey of Discovery that led to the inception of his Theory of Evolution. It is perhaps fitting then that the Beagle represents the highest evolution of our work in lighting to date.

Sophistication, not complication. Our Beagle Electric Torch is technically advanced and easy to use.

Sophistication, not complication. Our Beagle Electric Torch is technically advanced and easy to use.

Our Electric Torches are intended to help you see better. As much as they are able to provide light and render color beautifully, they are tools to encourage you to get out and find the parts unknown; to see the world with your own eyes; to spend time with the people, places, and things that are perhaps taken for granted more often than not.

Beagle Electric Torch featured in our trademark Relic finish.

Beagle Electric Torch featured in our trademark Relic finish.

To that end, our Beagle is made to be a tool for exploration - a companion to any adventure, however large or small.

Easy to use, the Beagle is equipped with two beam types across five light intensities, managed with a simple, intuitive single-button interface at the rear of the Electric Torch. Simply click on, then half press to cycle through each light intensity. The Calibre 1116 Light Engine manages power to all LEDs efficiently, producing a smooth wash of light using the planetary LEDs. The fourth and fifth intensities activate a more powerful central beam, capable of illuminating at longer distances.

Remarkably, even at the highest power setting, at close range, the beam remains free of a blinding central hotspot that restricts night vision. The Beagle provides useful light, equally capable at close or long range.

There is a high degree of sophistication present in the Beagle: You can see and feel it in the patented functions and forms unique to it alone; in the reassuring confidence of every curve and facet; in the cut peaks of the grip, each pyramid milled individually; in the attention to the details both seen and unseen; in the technical excellence of the Calibre 1116 Light Engine, and the engineering present in the selection of every component, every material, and every part.

The Beagle, as with our other Electric Torches, is best understood in practice. An Electric Torch is a sea of little details well-considered and attended to, that are entirely secondary to something rather more important: What they allow you to do.

It’s my go-to “home light”. Dark basements, crawlspaces, checking out noises at night, or even poking around in an engine bay. I love the way it feels in my hands. The switch is so positive, the finishing makes it more than a tool and using it adds a bit of occasion to even something as mundane as digging in my garage for a lost piece of camping gear.
— James Stacey, Senior Writer - Hodinkee, Co-Host - The Grey NATO
I like high quality, highly functional, and uniquely designed products. The Beagle is all of these. I like the robustness, and the security in knowing it will never fail me. Aesthetically, I love the design, and it’s simple yet hard-wearing construction. Like an old Defender, the Beagle has obviously been built with a purpose in mind. I say built - because the Beagle has that feel about it - evident that it has been hand-constructed.

The weight and texture of the Beagle are tangible, and the feeling that comes along with that adds to the robustness and peace of mind. Kind of like when you pick up a solid gold watch, and as you feel the heft, you naturally understand the quality immediately.
— Andy Green, Writer -
It is immensely satisfying to derive utility from a beautiful object. The Beagle is one of a handful of things I really enjoy carrying, having around, and using. In the winter it is in my jacket or clipped in my pocket. In the summer it’s in the car.

My favourite thing about it is the design. The feel in hand. The dimensions. The material. The engineering. I appreciate the light engine, the brightness, and colour when I stop to ponder it. Just like a watch or my favorite sunglasses, I stop to look and appreciate the Beagle’s form every time I use it.
— Jason Lim, Founder & Designer - Halios Watches
I find that I most typically use my Beagle anytime that I need a bit of extra light, but turning on the mains would be inconvenient or not possible to do so. This could be when checking into a new AirBnb; rummaging around for gear during an alpine start in a mountain hut (when other climbers are still sleeping); or picking out a campsite after arriving at dark.

The two distinct lighting modes are incredibly useful. Low-powered floods are perfect for finding your way while creating less visual impact; the high-output spot excels for developing an understanding of your surroundings after dark.

The Beagle’s understated size is exceptionally subtle; it slips into a pocket with ease. What ties the package together though, is the clip, machined from a solid block of titanium. It’s got the perfect amount of tension and give, and complements the Beagle’s overall design.
— Chris Brinlee, Mountaineer & Explorer
My wife and I have carried our Beagles with us around the world through two years of constant travel and volunteer work. The Beagle has been the most reliable light we’ve ever used.

We have used it many times as a powerful alternative light source in very large rooms during electricity outages in Ukraine, Israel, Philippines, Mexico, and Thailand. We are teachers who conduct large retreats all over the world. Often the retreats are held in rural areas with unstable infrastructure. They are able to cast a wide but bright light enough for a large room of 150 people for many hours.

The unique thing about the Beagle though is the dual profile of the beam. The super wide profile of the first three modes is what we use most often. It’s like portable, adjustable daylight. When we need to really search for something you just click into the two throw modes and you have a more conventional high-powered light. The light produced is very natural and is great for lighting without distorting color.

I love this light. I am drawn to tools that feel well-engineered and solid. Things that feel substantial and lasting. The Beagle has a perfect heft. I find it is substantial enough that you feel confident it will survive serious knocks and drops. Ours have been through hell; they’ve been dropped on concrete floors and rocks and you would never know it.
— Scott Perchall, Traveler & Photographer


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Epitomizing Muyshondt experience and engineering in its highest form, the Beagle provides substantial capability, practicality, and excellence in design and function. With it exists, in the palm of your hand, a reliable companion to explore undiscovered country, and all dark places.

See you out there.